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Cathedral City, CA

Lotto Fever Spreads Across The Coachella Valley

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Cathedral City, CA -

A billion dollars is up for grabs since the Powerball and Mega Millions have gone for a month now without a winner and across the Coachella Valley, people are flooding convenient stores for their chance at the big prize.

"I'm hoping to win the lottery. Mega. Four hundred and fifty million," said lotto player Suren Torosyan.

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And he's not the only one. Everyone is hoping for a chance at the big bucks. $570 million dollars from Power Ball and $450 million dollars from Mega Millions.

"We've been watching our Lottery dream home and we are certain that's going to be us," said lotto player Tema Pacheco.

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But if you want a chance at the billion dollar prize, you have to win both the Mega Millions drawing and the Powerball

"I'm going to get both, I mean I just got the Powerball so we'll do the mega," said Pacheco.

Clerks at a lucky Circle K convenient store in Cathedral City say people have been coming in all day, many of them spending more than a few bucks.

"It's a lot of people. Mostly twenty dollars and up, just a lot of purchases," said Circle K clerk Jose Mejia.

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Speaking of purchases, many lotto players are already fantasy spending. 

"I'm going to take a vacation. Nice long vacation. A month," said Torosyan.

"Take care of my family and travel," said Pacheco.

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