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Receiving A License To Carry A Gun In Public May Take 2 Years

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If you want to legally carry a loaded weapon in public, you need a carrying a concealed weapon license or CCW. However, here in Riverside County, it could take years just to be considered. Gary Scully of Cathedral City has been waiting two and half years for his interview to receive a CCW license. "Well the first thing I said was, 'What the--'" Scully said. 

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Scully isn't the only one with a lengthy wait. The Riverside County Sheriffs department's CCW unit said wait times used to be about nine months. Now, the average wait time for an interview is two years. " I constantly hear from people, 'Ugh it's ridiculous! It takes so long,'" said Kent Miller, the assistant manager at Second Amendment Sports in Palm Desert. 

Sheriff Stan Sniff tells KMIR News at any given time, the CCW unit has 500 to 600 applications, and only two full-time staff members. Sniff said part of the reason there is such a lengthy wait to get a CCW license is because of shootings. The San Bernardino terrorist attack, and shooting in Las Vegas made more people want to carry a gun in public. "There was an immediate response from the community that wanted CCW's that wanted hand guns, specifically, after that," Miller explained.

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The nearby terrorist attack and a shooting in front of Scully's home made him want to carry a gun in public. "We found the casings on the ground, and my wife was scared. So she thought it was a good idea at some point if I could do this, if it was legally possible," Scully said.

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