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Local Drag Queen Moves Forward With Lawsuit Against Hard Rock Hotel Despite Setback

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Palm Springs, CA -

A local drag queen will continue his fight against the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs despite being told by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that there was not enough evidence to support his claim of discrimination.

When Alfie Petit, also known as Ariel Trampway, started performing at the Hard Rock Hotel, things were going well.

"We made it a total success. Everybody came, everybody loved it," said Petit.

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But after about eight months, the management team at the Hard Rock Hotel started asking for changes. Changes in the shows content and changes to Petit's pay. Hard Rock Hotel interim General Manager Eric Hill says the show was not going as well as originally planned.

"It was not successful from a financial perspective. We did have some high attendance numbers, there were some numbers upwards of ninety sometimes one hundred attendees, however many of those were comps," said Hill.

The hotel tried renegotiating the contract but were unsuccessful.

"We had no alternative but to exercise the clause to cancel the show," Hill said.

"They said well if your not willing to negotiate, change your pricing, we're going to blow this contract up and we're done. they slammed their books, then about two hours later we got a cancellation notice," said Petit's Spokesman Michael Ralke. 

Petit is now suing the Hard Rock Hotel for discrimination, saying the show was canceled because of his sexual orientation and because the Hard Rock Hotel didn't want to become known as a "gay hotel." Hill denies the allegations.

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"We're astonished. The Hard Rock is known to be a very inclusive brand. Our Love all, Serve all foundation of the company is not just a slogan, it's something we live everyday," said Hill.

Petit is moving forward with his lawsuit despite the Hard Rock Hotel's attempt to settle the complaint out of court.

"Somebody has to stand up for our rights. The fight is not over. And things like this happen ... Drag Queens get this all the time and it's about time somebody stood up for them," said Petit.

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