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Recreational Marijuana Sales Become Legal

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Cathedral City, CA -

The new year brings new laws. Recreational marijuana is now legal for licensed dealers to sell. January first is a monumental day for those waiting to legally buy and sell recreational pot in California.  Robert Jimenez-McWilliams of Desert Hot Springs said he'd never thought he'd live to see recreational marijuana sales become legal. "It just shocked me. I just thought I'd never see the day where you could do that. It's like gay marriage to me. I never thought I'd see the day where you could do that either," said Jimenez-McWilliams.

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West Coast Cannabis Club of Cathedral City opened its doors starting at 6:00 AM to sell recreational marijuana. Kenneth Churchill, the CEO, said sales were already soaring by mid-day. "We've already about double our normal days in sales Today," Churchill said. He predicted his dispensary would do more than five times what they had been selling. 

Some people stood in long lines early this morning to make one of the first purchases. "It's a historic purchase for us. First time I've ever purchased marijuana legally," said Tom Baxter, who made his first purchase at 6:00 AM. 

Jimenez-McWilliams never thought the legalization of recreational marijuana sales would become a reality. "Back then you hid from anyone finding out about doing marijuana or drugs," he said.

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