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Rancho Mirage Adds Two Sheriff Deputies

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Rancho Mirage, CA -

The city of Rancho Mirage will be beefing up its sheriff services. On Thursday, Rancho Mirage city council unanimously approved adding two sheriff deputies to its task force. Long time Rancho Mirage resident Michael Harrington said crime can happen anywhere. "Everything is really nice and we don't realize that crime can happen here like it can happen here," Harrington said. He said he feels crime in his neighborhood is increasing. "M\y cars have been broken into twice in the driveway, and people are just coming around who are suspicious," Harrington explained.

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However, the chief of police said the city is not adding deputies because crime in the area is up over the last year. It's actually the same. "Any time we have an opportunity to have more officers in the field that means we can respond to calls faster," said Jason Huskey, the Chief of Police for Rancho Mirage. Huskey said they need two more deputies to do more preventative work. "That high visability and presence in the community allows us to not only be responsive to calls for service, but maybe hope to prevent crime that may be occurring," he added.

Harrington said adding more sheriffs to patrol the neighborhood will make him feel safer. "They're just literally right out my window, sneaking around. Who knows what they're going to do or what their state of mind is or who they are. That's creepy," Harrington said.

Other residents said they already feel safe, but adding to the force is a good thing. "Of course! Law enforcement is always in need of more personnel," said Rancho Mirage resident Fred Hauser.

The annual cost for adding two more deputies will cost the city $614,843. 

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