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Cathedral City

Cathedral City Man Loses Family Home To Creek Fire

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Cathedral City, CA -

Tucked away in Sunland, CA is an old English cottage built in the 1930's. The house belongs to the Sanders family, but was destroyed Tuesday afternoon by the raging Creek fire. Mark Sanders-Ferriera of Cathedral City said the home has been in his family for 52 years. For him, the house is not just a house. He calls it the family home, with thousands of memories now burnt to the ground. "This was where we always gathered for Christmas and the parties," Sanders-Ferriera said. 

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Even though the house is a material object, Sanders-Ferriera said it can't be replaced.  "I made that window for my parents one year for Christmas," he said looking at photos from before the fire. 

Tuesday afternoon, Sanders-Ferriera got a phone he never thought would happen. "My brother finally called and basically it was gone, but the memories. He said it started with the house below. There were a few embers going and within 25 minutes just like that," Sanders-Ferriera recalled. "It burned totally everything, right down to the dirt basically," he said. 

Sanders-Ferriera never thought a fire so destructive would happen to him. "Until something like this happens, you don't honestly realize the depth and the scope of it," he said. 

Ironically, the house was put up for sale and was supposed to close escrow in nine days. Sanders-Ferriera said he's trying to look on the bright side. "Perhaps nobody, but a sanders was supposed to live in that house."

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