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Cathedral City

Cathedral City Fire Department Sends Engine to Fight Thomas Fire

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Cathedral City, CA -

The Thomas fire in Ventura County is impacting people across Southern California and here in the desert. Four firefighters from Cathedral City left early Tuesday morning to help battle the flames. Battalion Chief Robert Allison said his firefighters are putting their lives on the line. "You could have brush anywhere from five or six to 15 to 20 feet tall," Allison said. "You're working an area that you're not familiar with and they're sticking you out there in those conditions, right in front of it," he added.

Even though staff is now down an engine, helping others is a plus to the community. "We give when needed but we receive when needed, that's really the value to the local community here," said Cathedral City Fire Chief Paul Wilson. 

A local volunteer with the American Red Cross also left Tuesday afternoon to help those in need. "We open shelters, we provide cots, and blankets, and then somebody else brings in food for them," said Carolyn Brackin. "I'm pretty tough when I'm out there, but behind the scenes you really breakdown sometimes because it is hard. This is a lot of things that people really worked for," Brackin said. 

Allison said those going to help, and their families are worried about the risks. "You need to be constantly aware of the danger," he said. 

The Cathedral City Fire Chief expects this fire weather to continue through Saturday.

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