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Valley Man Battling Insurance Company After Partner Dies of AIDS

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Desert Hot Springs, CA -

"He's the love of my life," says Rand Sauden through tears. Sauden says there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about his long time partner Robert Carey-Hogue, adding, "I miss him everyday.

Carey-Hogue, died at the age of 40 of complications from AIDA in 2011.

Sauden says PacificCare, his insurance company at the time he was sick stopped coverage for his HIV / AIDA medication, so they took them to court, "Our doctor testified at the injunction hearing and the judge asked, 'What will happen if he does not get the medication?' And our doctor said flat out, 'He will die.'"

Sauden says the judge ruled in their favor but he says by that time it was too late. He's now suing the insurance company for wrongful death. 

"It's not only that they killed him by denying him medication, if they had shot him in the back of the head in an alley it would have been a much more humane way to kill him, he was sick for four years," he says. 

Sauden says Carey-Hogue was a tough and kind soul who overcame a rough childhood and homelessness.

He says he was always generous to others, even in death, "He was on staff with the AIDS Walk Kansas City the year he died more money was generated in his name than any other."

He says fighting the insurance company has not been easy, but he says if, it results in change and one person doesn't lose the love of their life it will have been worth the sacrifice, "Some people search forever and never find that so I try to be joyful about that instead of bitter about the fact that I lost it needlessly."

We reached out to the company who bought PacificCare, United Health Care, their spokesperson said they needed time to review the lawsuit and issue a statement. 

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