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Woman: Man Was Taking Pictures of Me Showering at Indio Gym

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Indio, CA -

Jodee Anderson had no idea that when she was visiting the sauna at the 24 Hour Fitness in Indio, a peeping Tom was capturing her every move.

She lives in Los Angeles and has since returned home from her visit to the Coachella Valley, but she’s still shaken up. We spoke with her via Skype.

Anderson says she first saw the man after she left the sauna and was taking a shower. She says she saw a cell phone peering at her in the shower.

"I was so scared,” says Anderson. “I couldn't move. I thought ‘No, I'm going to go after him.’”

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It was all adrenaline from there. She was scared, but she confronted him by chasing him into the men’s locker room. She recorded video immediately after the incident for evidence.

"He was just standing there with the other guys,” she says in the cell phone video. “I said, ‘You, come here. Give me your [expletive] phone!’”

That's when she grabbed it out of his hand. She ran back into the women's locker room and immediately started an Instagram live video. She says she did it for her own safety and for evidence of the incident.

"Whoever is watching this, I'm going to do a live report because I don't know what to do right now," she says in the Instagram video, fighting back sobs. 

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Anderson was a victim before and police didn't get far in that investigation. This time she says she doesn’t want the suspect to get away.

On the man’s cell phone, Anderson found several photos of herself naked in the shower. She also found photos of other women at the gym: one woman working out, another in the sauna and one woman working at the front desk. After her Instagram video, she called the police and told the front desk.

"A guy said he had seen this same man take pictures in that same gym,” Anderson recalls. “He had confronted him, but didn't report it."

Anderson says she was able to find out the man’s name through his Facebook app on his unlocked phone. She says the gym has other men in their system with the same name, but some of the contact information is out of date.

In the meantime, she says she’s working with investigators and she will press charges. Police now have the man's cell phone.

The Indio Police Department cannot comment on the incident because they say it's an open and active investigation. We did not hear back from 24 Hour Fitness. 

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