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Frankinbun Burglarized, Owner Says It Was Inside Job

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Palm Springs, CA -

The owner of Frankinbun in Palm Springs is fuming after his business was burglarized. He believes it was an inside job.

"It's not really the cash, although, anyone who has a restaurant knows even something as small as two hundred dollars could be all you made that day, so you work all day and then someone takes it," said Frankinbun owner Tristan Gittens. 

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A security camera shows the thief, who appears to be female, approach the back door. She walks away for a moment but then returns and breaks into the restaurant.

The thief took $200 dollars from a back room. A room accessible only with a key.  

"We only give the key out to the cooks so I'm assuming it was someone's girlfriend. It appeared to be a female," Gittens said.

Three former employees returned their keys before leaving the hot dog vendor a while back. Now all the owner can do is speculate as to who might have made a copy.

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"That's the hardest thing. I mean obviously you have to trust try and vet people and you work closely with them and you think you have a relationship so it hurts when this kind of stuff happens," said Gittens, who has since spent thousands to upgrade security at his restaurant.

The Palm Springs Police Department is aware of the burglary and working on finding the person in the video. So far no arrests have been made.

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