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Surveillance Video Captures Robbery at Palm Springs Restaurant

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Palm Springs, CA -

Surveillance video at a Palm Springs restaurant captured the moment a female used a key card to gain access to a room with cash in it.

The robbery occurred Thursday, November 9th around 7:30 PM at Frankinbun in Palm Springs. The burglar appears to be a light-skinned, young female.

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The burglar used a key to gain access to the restaurant and the room with the cash. Only 7 people have access to the key and since the owner, Tristan Gittens, doesn’t recognize the person in the video, he assumes they used their girlfriend to do the theft.

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Gittens graduated from Palms Springs High School and was recently featured in Guy Fieri’s hit show, “Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives.” Frankinbun is Gittens’ first restaurant in Palm Springs. He is set to open Persimmon Bistro at the Palm Springs Art Museum later this year.

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