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Palm Springs Air Museum Gears Up For Veterans Day

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Palm Springs, CA -

Veterans Day at the Palm Springs Air Museum means you can see lots of airplanes. "We're going to be flying airplanes all day, so if you come in when we open at 10 o'clock you are going to see airplanes flying," said Fred Bell with the Palm Springs Air Museum.  However, not all of the airplanes will be taking off.  The museum is debuting a restored fighter jet called the Panther. "This is the only one of this exact type that exist. They are all gone. It was in 10 million pieces, and it took us two years to put it back together," Bell explained.

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For Cold War veteran Bob McCowan, seeing the Panther in person brings back war time memories. "It looks old, it looks prettier than the ones we used to fly. This particular airplane is what I flew in advanced training in Corpus Christi, Texas," McCowan said. McCowan completed atomic bomb missions. He risked his life behind the wheel. "We had close air, mid-air collisions and dog fights, and barely missed somebody's wing by a few feet," he said.

Tony Sultan served in the Vietnam War, and flew a similar playing to the Panther. "We hit targets such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail where they were bringing in supplies or various tunnels," he explained. Sultan wants younger generations to realize the importance of Veterans Day. "I think what's important is the recognition that there are some people who are in the service, who are willing to give their life for the benefit of the United States of America," Sultan said.

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