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Lisa Middleton Makes History After Palm Springs City Council Win

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Palm Springs, CA -

Voters in Palm Springs made history Tuesday night when they elected Lisa Middleton, the first openly transgender candidate to a non-judicial office in California.

"I'm the first transgender person elected to a city council in the state of California. So we have broken another glass ceiling," said Middleton.

Middleton joins another transgender candidate for office, Danica Roem, who was elected to the state legislature in Virginia.

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"Transgender people are stepping up and demonstrating the kind of talent that we have and the type of commitment to our communities and our country," Middleton said. 

For the most part, Middleton's transgender identity was not an issue. People in Palm Springs barely mentioned it. Most people anyway.

"I got a couple of pieces of not very kind mail that I ignored," said Middleton.

Even though she won the election, she knows the real work starts at Palm Springs City Hall. And there is a lot to get done.

"Dealing with homelessness, getting our budget under control, sustainable and making sure our residents are fully informed as to whats going on," said Middleton.

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With the election of Middleton and fellow candidate Kristy Holstege, the Palm Springs city council is now entirely LGBTQ. But Middleton says she represents every citizen in Palm Springs.

"I made a fundamental pledge that I would listen to every, single argument and reach out to every element of our community. And I will keep that pledge," Middleton said.

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