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Student Test Scores Improve Across Coachella Valley

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Coachella Valley Region -

In every school district in the Coachella Valley, standardized test scores have improved.

"I think it's great. i think kids are starting to like school again," said Parent Andrea Baca.

 Baca's ten-year-old daughter took the test. She goes to Truman Elementary School.

"She was excited about it...she was just excited to see what she got and excited to do well on it," said Baca.

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The tests are taken online and while all three school districts within the Coachella Valley showed improvement, students within the Desert Sands Unified School District did the best.

"Higher test scores is all about teacher training. And also our kids getting a lot of practice in the classroom," said Dan Miller, Desert Sands Unified School District assistant superintendent.

Day in and day out, teachers and students are getting in the reps.

"Having that practice, real world practice, helps them on that assessment at the end of the year," said Miller.

Things have changed over the years. The days of discussing homework with the teacher doing most of the talking are over. If you walk into a math class today, things are a little different.

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"You would see students in collaborative groups, they would be looking at the problem, they would be exploring different ways to tackle that problem. And the teacher would be facilitating those conversations," Miller said.

Parents are noticing a difference.

"With the computers going home, it's giving students the opportunity to do their homework. A little bit easier, more convenient and they have a little bit more time," said parent Kristen Landeros.

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