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KMIR Cares: Variety of the Desert

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It all began in 1928 in Pittsburgh when a month old baby was left on the steps of a theater with a note to please take care of the tiny infant. The 11 actors in residence made it their mission to raise her and then went on to create the Variety Club which currently has 42 chapters in 13 countries dedicated to helping sick and disadvantaged children everywhere. The Coachella Valley has a very active local chapter and it is thriving.

It's called the heart of show business, but their purpose is always in local communities. Variety of the Desert was launched back in the 80’s and all funds raised remain right here in the Coachella Valley. 

Recently Variety of the Desert was able to donate 6 mobility bicycles to children who would never be able to afford the expensive $3500 adaptive bikes. They need local physical therapy volunteers to help more local children. 

For the past 22 years Variety has raised close to $1.5 million with their annual The Big 106 radiothon to donate 400 bikes and helmets to 400 local 4th graders nominated by their teachers for excellence in grades and conduct. 

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