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Village Pub In Palm Springs Closes Temporarily Due to Violations

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Palm Springs, CA -

Village Pub in Palm Springs will be closed for 30 days after the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, sited them for two violations.

The first came in October 2016 after a former a security guard beat up a rowdy bar patron causing that person serious injuries. The second violation came when it was discovered that a former manager lied about having the proper ABC certification to run the day to day operations.

"We had some prior employees that made some bad decisions and unfortunately it's caught up to us now. And so we are suffering the consequences," said Ingrid Swenson, Village Pub's new general manager.

The new management team says they are going to retrain their employees and contract an outside security company to work the door. They also have plans to renovate.

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"We kind of see it as a blessing in disguise in a sense because we definitely need to remodel the place. So we're going to use this time, even if we close for lets say two weeks, we're going to use that time to remodel the place and give it a new refresh," said Village Pub co-owner Roula Berg.

The bar is open for now but will close on August 24. While customers will have to find another place to sit and have a cold one during the closure, they are looking forward to the final product.

"The food is very good. The drinks are delicious. And you know sorry to see that they are closing for a month but hopefully when they re-open they'll be better than ever," said customer Evelyn Grafas.

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The employees at Village Pub are eligible for unemployment, but the owner says that may not be necessary. There will be plenty of work to be done with the renovations and the staff will be included in process. 

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