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Motorcycle Stunt Turns Deadly

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Palm Springs, CA -

Search the hashtag "RuthlessRyders" on social media and you'll find videos that look like something out of a Hollywood movie: groups of motorcyclists going down the freeway at high speeds performing stunts. But it's real life, so real a stunt similar where a man stands on top of his motorcycle was killed on Sunday morning on the 15 Freeway near Corona. A GoFundMe page says the man who died is 28-year-old Leslie Elliott, an army veteran who leaves behind a five-year-old son.

The California Highway Patrol says stunts like these are on the rise and to do them motorcycle clubs create their own traffic breaks so they can have the freeway to themselves.  

We showed the videos to motorcycle expert and salesperson T.J. Breitfeller at Palm Springs Motorsports, where they specialize in the sales and repairs for the high speed motorcycles these clubs ride.

"Oh, whoa, that got a little sketchy there ... aww man that makes me want to go ride," Breitfeller adding that club members don't consider this a hobby, "It's a lifestyle and you know these guys are doing it because they have a passion for riding. 

He says they often balance experience with pushing the envelope, "You're an adrenaline junkie and you know what you're doing because this thing is capable of doing close to 200 miles per hour ...  I call them affordable Ferraris." 

He says he understands the other side too, "It can be a little controversial sometimes because it is dangerous and they are doing it on the freeway." 

But the CHP says it's inconsiderate to other drivers, dangerous and illegal. 

But Breitfeller says most motorcyclists who get hurt don't let the risks deter them ... he points to his own close call on a track where he did a jump and his dirt bike fell on top of him, sending him to the intensive care unit with internal bleeding. He says he couldn't wait until the doctor gave him the okay to ride again.

The CHP says this accident is sad because someone lost a friend, a son and a father. And those stunts belong on a track, not on a freeway. They hope this trend stops before more people get hurt or killed. 

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