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Against All Odds, Boy Fights For Miracle Recovery

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Cathedral City, CA -

The odds of survival were slim for a motorcyclist struck by a drunk driver in Cathedral city, but one year later, he is making great strides.With several brain surgeries and multiple fractures, Isaac Romo still has a lot of healing to do, but he's fighting to prove that he'll be the same man he was before the accident.

"The doctor said, I don't think he will make it."

When Isaac's mom, Diana Romo, heard those words, her heart dropped. However, that idea doesn't seem too far-fetched when you see this accident. A drunk driver chose to make a u-turn on a red light, which turned out to be a decision that changed Isaac Romero's life forever. Next thing you know, Isaac was unconscious in the middle of the road after being rammed into by a truck.

When his mom received the call letting her know her son was in critical condition, there was only one thing on her mind.

"Where is my son, what happened to him."

She rushed over to the hospital where all she managed to get was Isaac's phone.

"It was all cracked and when I saw the i-Phone so cracked, I just thought...if the cell phone is in that condition, I cannot imagine his body...and his body was worse."

After hours of waiting, she finally got an update of his condition.

"It was one of the worst days of my life when [the doctor] told me 75% of his brain was dead, only 25% was alive."

Although this was hard to accept, the new reality didn't keep her from supporting her son through 7 brain surgeries, 3 strokes, and the time it took for his fractured jaw and leg to fully heal.

Now, Diana says she sees glimpses of her son more and more everyday.

"Last week we went to a Quinceañera and he unbuttoned his shirt and started dancing, and I said...I know that's Isaac, and those are the parts I miss about him."

What's not to miss when you have a son who, according to his mom, is a joy to be around.

"He's a happy boy, always smiling, and he has a lot of friends…"

He has certainly touched many lives, but that doesn't make the healing process any easier for his family.

"A lot of days crying a lot of night without sleeping."

All these sleepless nights stem from one decision, to get behind the wheel while under the influence. The drunk driver was able to walk out of the accident with minor injuries.Meantime, while Isaac is on the up and up, showing signs of a true miracle recovery, Diana says it's always best to not drink and drive.

"Ask for a ride, you never know. Think twice, this can change their life and the life of somebody else and their family."

As for Isaac, he continue to fight to defy the odds and says he is feeling good.

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