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Pranksters In Palm Springs Give Behind The Scenes Look

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You've seen the videos. Now meet the man.

"I've always been a prankster as a kid. And I love to make people laugh and I thought this would be a good way to do it," said Stephen Trevisone, video producer and creator of "Prank Files."

The "ghost chair", the "devil baby" and the "thief shocker." All done Palm Springs. 

"Making these videos is a great past time for me. And hopefully it puts a smile on people's faces and it's something they remember for the rest of their lives," said Trevisone.

People in Palm Springs aren't the only one's who are laughing at his videos. The pranks have gotten the attention of "Right This Minute TV" "MTV's Ridiculousness" and the Los Angeles Times. KMIR tagged along with Trevisone and his accomplice to see how they're tricking the masses. 

"I just like the interaction with the public and the reactions that people give us," said Sam Card, a "Prank Files" contributor.

No filming on this day though. Trevisone just finished filming his latest gag.

"The last video we did was a video we filmed near Starbucks. It's a bait phone video where we leave a phone on the table and if the person returns the phone they get rewarded. If they don't return the phone, the phone has a built in shocking device, just like a stun gun would. So if they don't return the phone, they get a little shock," Trevisone said.

Another prank was filmed over the weekend. This one has people believing they have been photographed and ticketed for jaywalking. 

"I'm all over the place. I film in the valley, I film all the way down to LA. So If you're in my path, you never know, you might get pranked," Trevisone said. 

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