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Facebook Profile In Indio Advertises Drugs For Sale

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Indio, CA -

A Facebook profile linked to a person who lives in Indio is advertising drugs for sale and parents across the Coachella Valley are staring to worry.

"We wonder why there are so many drug problems in our world and so easily accessible to get these kinds of things. And then we see it on Facebook," said Palm Desert resident Janie O'brien.

But this isn't anything new for investigators.

"Advertising the sale of drugs, human trafficking, weapons, everything. You name it, it's been on Facebook," said Sgt. Dan Marshall of the Indio Police Department.

The profile creator says he is from Indio. On the menu, Xanax, marijuana and even cocaine. After a heads up from KMIR News, the Indio Police Department got to work.

"Vince after you let me know that this person said they lived in Indio, I looked at it, I took that information we refereed it to our Street Crimes Unit to see if it's something that they can start to work up," said Marshall.

One post reads, "bomb coke...straight from Sinaloa,"  which is the territory of Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman. The investigation into the profile will take time and police won't release details about how they catch internet dealers.

"The way and the methods that we do, that's something we don't like to publicize because we need to have those tricks," Marshall said. 

But it starts with vetting. 

"If it's true? is it fake? Is it somebody who might have gotten that video clip from some other website and posted it as there own. Sometimes there's a lot of bravado on the internet," said Marshall.

Facebook has been notified of the profile but responded by saying the profile does not go against their specific community standards.  

"I can't believe that they can get away with that. That's not what Facebook is for. We don't need that here. We don't need that anywhere. And I think facebook should be able to stop it," said Rancho Mirage resident Stacie Grande.

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