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Neighbors Share Stories About Cabazon Man Hit By Train

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Cabazon, CA -

Neighbors are mourning the loss of a man hit by a train in Cabazon. First responders found the man dead when they arrived to the scene Saturday evening. 

Neighbors only know him by Angel. They say he was the one hit by the train in Cabazon. 

Security video from a liquor store across the street shows angel making a purchase minutes before stepping in front of the train tracks.

"It was a shock. It was a shock," said Angel's neighbor Shirley Mayhood.

Mayhood said everyone in the community knew him.

"He was very boisterous in church," she explained.

Angel lived a few streets away from the train tracks. Neighbors said he helped them with gardening.

"We would always see him walking by, or if he would see my kids he would wave," said Beronica Galindo.

"You'd see him carrying lawn tools. He helped a lot of people with their yards," Mayhood added.

Fatima Karawia said Angel was an alcoholic.

"The only problem with him is he's a severe alcoholic. He drank until he passes out," said Karawia.

She said Angel kept crossing despite the horns.

"He just kept walking. The train couldn't stop," she said.

Neighbors said his friendly personality is what they'll miss most. 

"He was part of the neighborhood you know, you saw him walking almost everyday walking."

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