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Coyote Pack Seen Roaming In Condo Complex

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Palm Springs, CA -

People living in a condominium complex in Palm Springs are starting to worry about a pack of coyotes they say have been wandering around the property.

"They've been here everyday for the past couple of weeks," said resident Jim Hastings.

And Thursday morning was no exception.

"I was just coming out for my morning walk and as I stepped out I saw four or five coyotes right behind me over here in the community. It's a fully gated and walled community," said Hastings.

But that's not stopping the coyotes. Those with pets are starting to worry.

"I have two small dogs and I know my dogs would probably want to go play with them but they would make them dinner," said Hastings.

Hastings walks his dogs on the grounds everyday. When he sees the coyotes he does what he can to keep them safe.

"When I saw them I grabbed a broom and starting banging on the ground and they did kind of run into the center of the community but some people have said they don't seem to be very afraid. That they'll just stand there and look at you," said Hastings.

Experts say the coyotes are likely looking for food. Two abandoned golf courses that flank the property could be contributing to the increased sightings. The wet winter has left plenty of vegetation for rabbits and other animals that coyotes prey on. And that includes pets.

"Sometimes when we just come out to the garbage, we just let the dog follow along but we'll probably put her on the leash now," said resident Lee Litchy.

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