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Former Carl's Jr. Employee Says Punch Was Justified

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Desert Hot Springs, CA -

A former Desert Hot Springs Carl's Jr. employee said she quit because of how unsafe she felt from customers being aggressive and threatening workers.

Lily Shade, a former employee, said she wasn't surprised watching the viral video of an off-duty employee knocking out a man at the Desert Hot Springs Carl's Jr. 

The video shows a man threatening and yelling at employees. Moments later the man is punched in the face. An off-duty employee said he punched the man because he was threatening his girlfriend last Wednesday.

Witnesses said it all started when the man was asked to leave for not wearing a shirt. He returned with a jacket on, but became aggressive towards the employees.

Shade said she constantly felt unsafe while working there.

"The cops have been called at least once every single shift I worked for the past year," Shade explained.

Shade said people on drugs would come in and threaten workers.

"They'll make crazy statements saying they're going to shoot up the place, saying they're going to kill everyone in here," said Shade.

Shade said the employees do call the police, but they don't get there in time. 

"When they tell me that I don't really understand, this is just DHS... Well why? If you know you're being called constantly. We asked them to circle around the parking lot, but that stopped," she explained.

Shade said she thinks the punch was a necessary last resort to keep the employees safe.

"I think he was the only one that stepped in, no one else like they've said before care. They do not cared," she added.

We did reach out to Desert Hot Springs Police Department, but they did not want to comment. They previously told us officers responded to the restaurant 13 minutes after the call first came in.

We also tried to contact management at Carl's Jr., but did not immediately receive a response. 

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