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Local Business Loses $7,300 After Credit Card Fraud

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Thousand Palms, CA -

While many people took a long holiday weekend to relax, a pair of creative thieves were hard at work in Thousand Palms.

Best Buy Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is a family owned business in Thousand Palms. They said two men used a fake credit card to purchase over $7,000 dollars worth of restaurant equipment on Monday. 

"Two individuals came into the store, and they did big purchases," explained store manager Suleana Gomez. "It added up to $7,300, and they purchased ice makers, cook equipment."

This morning Gomez got a call from the credit card company saying the purchase was fraudulent and the money is a loss.

"It was a fraudulent card and it went in as a legitimate purchase."

The business said losing that much money hurts.

"It's devastating being especially that we're in our down season, so it is a big hit and it does affect us," Gomez explained.

Gomez hopes someone will recognize the two men.

"We're hoping that someone will see the footage and recognize them and call it in," she said.

Gomez said the men don't realize how much hurt they've caused.

"It's sad that people are still on the look out to harm and do so much damage to small businesses especially."

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