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Need a LYFT home tonight? Walter Clark Legal Group Wants You To Get Home Safe

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Walter Clark Legal Group has teamed up with LYFT to get you and your friends home safely this 4th of July.

"We know the harm impaired driving causes. We sue drunk drivers, and we know many are uninsured or have lowest coverage. It's important for everyone to have an umbrella policy and to discuss it with their insurance agent." said Walter Clark.

"In a crash, it's often the drunk driver who's not hurt, and their insurance company will deny responsibility and delay the claim while crime case is pending by using 5th amendment. We know our effort is only modest and perhaps symbolic, but more than 1 person dies every hour from a DUI crash and many are children and even if we only prevent 1 accident on a holiday when there are many more at risk, it's valuable. The holiday should be celebrated with our history in mind and not to make inebriation the goal”

Have you celebrated a bit too much? Having car problems? Use the promo code: "WCLGJULY4" for your FREE ride home.

To use the code: Download the LYFT app on your Apple or Android devise. Create a profile. Then request your ride.

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