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Tow Truck Drivers Say "Move Over, Coachella Valley"

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Coachella Valley Region -

Dozens of tow trucks drove along the 10 freeway because they want you to know, "move over."
"When tow trucks are on the side of the road with their lights flashing, cars are supposed to move over. If they can't move over, they're supposed to slow down," said Samantha Nunez, creator of the Facebook page 'Move Over Coachella Valley.'
According to AAA, its not a suggestion but a law here in California.  And Samantha doesn't believe the Coachella Valley is doing a very good job observing it.
"No, no they're not good at all. What started my Facebook page was I was with a friend of mine, in a tow truck; I went on a ride along. I took video through the driver side mirror as he was out on 86 Expressway hooked up to an RV. Cars weren't moving over."
Kirk Tozi has been driving for more than 20 years. He shares what he fears while on the clock and behind the wheel.
"speeding motorists on the side of the freeway and the roadway, just not wanting to get hit by a vehicle," says Tozi. 
Its a fear many drivers share across the nation. One tow truck driver dies every 6 days. Drivers are encouraged by events like this.
"It shows good brotherhood for everybody. We try to stay tightly knitted together. Slow down or move over," says Tozi.

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