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Bighorn Cares Now Accepting Grant Applications from Coachella Valley Non-Profits

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Palm Desert, CA -

Bighorn Golf Club Charities is giving away thousands of dollars in grants. If you want a show at getting some of it, all you have to do is go to their website and apply.

The charity has been doing this for about four years now, to fund projects that benefit under served communities in the Coachella Valley. These programs include educations outreach, afterschool services, and even shelter relief for the homeless.

The charities managers told us they were just looking to give everybody in the valley a helping hand. They understand money doesn't grow on trees, which is why they are looking to give cash to those in need.

Bighorn Charities is expecting to give away at least $200,000 this time around. Since it's inception back in 2006, they have given away over $100,000,000 in local funding to benefit wellness projects, education, and even the arts.

Anyone who has a non-profit status or is tax exempt is eligible to apply:

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