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Planned Power Outages Angering Residents

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Palm Desert, CA -

This is wrong, it's unconscionable, it's not acceptable," says Henry Edward about being without power during the heat wave because of a planned power outage by Southern California Edison, adding, "in an extreme index warning, it's going to be 119 degrees today, it's already 110 here at 10 o'clock." 

Edward is so outraged by SCE's planned outage, he made a sign and took to the street to speak out for people like him who don't have options, "I'm recovering from cardiac bypass surgery, I shouldn't be out here, I have a chest cold on top of it I can't go to a cool zone like people suggest, I can't go to the library or the movies, I'm really a home bound person but I was determined to come out here to make a statement." 

He says this happens year after year and while SCE says they only do it when necessary and for four hours when it's extreme weather, an outage last year lasted nearly all day, "This isn't right, their planning is wrong, they're arrogant about it and whose running our city?"

We pressed SCE about these outages. Brian McDonald and Robert Villegas, the spokesperson for SCE say they usually cancel planned outages when it's hotter than 100 degrees, but this case a transformer had to be replaced. They did cancel most of the outages except for the one in Palm Springs and the one in Palm Desert affecting about 60 customers.

"We just wanted to make sure we didn't end up with an emergent situation where there had not been planning or residents notified," says McDonald. 

Villegas says while understand how difficult these outages can be, they try to schedule the outages when the least amount of people will be impacted to avoid a major outage. 

Those affected think there has to be a better way and they need to figure it out before someone gets sick or worse. 

"This needs to change for the future for other times," says Edward. 

We contacted the City of Palm Springs. Mayor Robert Moon tells us they're are very concerned about these outages because they care about the well-being of their residents and their pets. He tells KMIR News the assistant city manager contacted the utility company's governmental affairs representative, who essentially told them the same thing they told us: outages are canceled when the temperature is over 110 degrees and if they're a must they only last four hours. Which was not the case in Palm Springs during this outage. Moon also says David Ready the city manager will look into the outages further and will make a public statement during Wednesday's council meeting. 

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