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3.5 Magnitude Quake Strikes Near Idyllwild

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Idyllwild, CA -

An earthquake up Highway 74, many viewers sharing they felt it here in the Coachella Valley.

The 3.5 magnitude quake struck just after 8 AM Sunday morning centered 5 miles southwest of Idyllwild. Its a unique experience for everyone. For  local business owner, Alicia Berry it happened like this. "I took my husband to breakfast next door to the Village Mart and we had a huge earthquake. The whole restaurant shakin'," said Berry.

One local resident, nicknamed Lenny, there too and remembers it a bit differently. "I almost got a heart attack, no. No, it lasted for like what two seconds," joked Idyllwild Resident, Leonard "Lenny" Muscarella. Stephanie Ennis was also there working at the time of the quake. "I don't think anything fell off, it was very subtle. Yes, business as usual," said Ennis.

And business as usual it was. The music was good. The lemonade was cold. And families continued their Father's Day celebrations. Lenny believes heat may have played a factor in the earthquake. "My philosophy is whenever its this kind of weather, earthquake weather, said Muscarella.

Most say, earthquakes are part of life in the golden state."I've lived in California my whole life, I don't pay attention to anything 6.0 and under," said David Brown a Country Club Smoke Shop employee. "I think that being in California, being a California resident all my life that we're pretty used to that. Didn't scare me," said Berry. 

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