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Caltrans Warns Drivers Of Dangers With Excessive Heat

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Coachella Valley Region -

The first major and dangerous heat wave is underway here in the desert. Today the California Department of Transportation issued a warning to drivers.

When temperatures get into the triple digit range, you don't want get stuck on the side of the road. Preparation can go a long way. First check your engine coolant. 

"The temperature of the engine is over two hundred degrees," said Fred Pringle, manager of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service.

So if your engine coolant is low you run the risk of overheating. 

"It's like air conditioning for your house," said Pringle.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated and and check the tread. Extreme heat can cause blowouts and leave you stranded on the highway. A place you don't want to be in triple digit temperatures. 

"As the tire rotates on the road, it creates heat automatically. And I can imagine the asphalt or whatever you're driving on gets twice as much. Luckily the tire can sustain a lot of heat. But its always good to check them," said Pringle.

One rule of thumb is the penny test.

"It still works to this day. I know its from ancient times, way, way back but it's still good," said Pringle.

Take a penny and place it in your tire tread. If Abe Lincoln's head is covered . You're in the clear. If not.

"Then it's time for you to look into new tires," Pringle said. 

Another thing to be weary of is your car battery.

"It's pretty hot in there. And also with the temperature change the battery can explode. So if your going to check into that, don't touch that thing because you can burn your fingers, burn your eyes, whatever, just be careful," said Pringle.

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