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Former Sovereign Health Employees Speak Out

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Palm Desert, CA -

Sovereign Health finally commented on recent FBI raids at several of its facilities, and former employees of the Palm Desert location are speaking out as well.

Two former employees are still afraid to speak publicly and want to remain anonymous. They said they witnessed the mental health and drug treatment center making empty promises and mistreating patients.

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"They did not see the doctor as much as they said that they were supposed to. They did not see the psychiatrist as much as they were going to," a former employee said.

Another former employee said upper management didn't have a heart for their clients.

"There was one patient, who was mental health and addict, and he didn't like what was going on, so he flipped on on them. He cut him self with a coke can from his elbow to his wrist and they did nothing," she said.

In a statement, the company's CEO said the whole thing is ridiculous. "We are not letting the retaliatory actions of these jack-booted thugs - get in the way of the important business-- of providing top-notch care for our patients with addiction -- and mental health issues," said Sovereign Health CEO, Tonmoy Sharma.

She said many of the employees are good workers, but management didn't allow them to show they cared. 

"We weren't allowed to be there for the patients. We weren't allowed to hug the patients, We weren't allowed to tell them we were sorry. We weren't allowed to console them, nothing," she said.

The employees said it was hard to sit back and watch. 

"I feel I need to make sure everyone is OK, and nothing being able to do that, and not being able to fulfill these promises that were given to them. It was very disheartening," one former employee said. 

Both former employees suggested doing a lot of research before selecting a medical facility. 

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