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Gang Raid In Desert Hot Springs Yields Ten Arrests

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Desert Hot Springs, CA -

A round up of known gang members and their associates today in Desert Hot Springs ends with tense moments, guns drawn and ten arrests.

Deputy Chief Jim Henson of Desert Hot Springs Police said this raid was a year in the making. In that time, police have kept a close eye on known gang members in Desert Hot Springs. Today they made their move. 

A stand-off ensued at their first stop. Police surrounded an apartment complex near Desert View Drive and Cactus Drive after a male suspect refused to come out of his home. He eventually surrendered. Three others at the same location also surrendered. A total of ten arrests were made Thursday. Police also confiscated seven weapons. Neighbors in the area of the stand-off saw the whole thing unfold right before their eyes.

"They were announcing, 'come out with your hands up, if not were going to send the dog out, it's going to bite you.' So we said okay there's still another one in they're waiting for. And that last one didn't come out until like five hours after," said neighborhood resident Pati Lopez.

Operation Desert Wolf West started at six o'clock in the morning. About 200 hundred police officers from throughout the Coachella Valley participated in the raid. Police hit 14 locations throughout Desert Hot Springs and also checked up on eight parolees.

"This obviously targeted gang members which had been terrorizing the city over the years so like I said we're very happy we took nine individuals off the streets that aren't going to be able to victimize anybody," said Deputy Chief Jim Henson of the Desert Hot Springs Police Department. 

No suspects injured, no police officers were injured and there was no need for any use of force by police officers during the raid on all 14 locations. A clean sweep by the Coachella Valley's finest.  

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