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Restaurant Reinspected A Week After Health Code Violations

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Rancho Mirage, CA -

Inspectors gave Emperor Buffet in Rancho Mirage a clean bill of health today after it was shut down for a health code violation last week.

For some a restaurant with a "B" grade is not their first choice. Others don't seem to mind at all. 

"I still love to eat here and I realized they may have had a mistake, you know, it could be some mistake or something, but this food is great. This place is wonderful. I love it. So I'm going to come no matter what," said customer Diane Stieker.

The inspection lasted for about an hour while inspectors went through a checklist. On the top of that list was making sure the infestation found last week was gone. They also looked at food temperature, the cleanliness of the kitchen, the walk-in refrigerator and the soda fountain.

"Reinspection went great. They pretty much got all almost all of their points back so they're back up to an "A," said health inspector Doug Osborn. 

During the inspection the restaurant received a two point violation for improper food storage. But the inspector says the infraction was minor.  

"We will do our best to provide good service and healthy food to our customers," said Co-owner John Lin.

Despite the set back last week, the cook's are still cooking and the customers are still eating.

"I'll tell you what, we've been here for the last three days consistently and it's been perfect," said Stieker.

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