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Former Sovereign Health Patients Speak Out

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Palm Desert, CA -

Its now been 24 hours since the FBI raided Sovereign Health, a mental health and drug rehabilitation center in Palm Desert, and a growing number of former of patients are reaching out to us.

One of them lives in Texas, but said his wife passed away just one month after enrolling in a mental health program at the Palm Desert Sovereign Health

Maya Barton flew from Louisiana to Sovereign Health Palm Desert to get mental health treatment last July.

"She was battling with depression and bi-polar, and she was trying to find help," her husband Chris Barton said.

Her husband of 8 years said her one-month stay at Sovereign Health was the opposite of help.

"I had talked to her that morning and she said she was fine," he explained about the day she passed away. "I got a call maybe about an hour or two later, her mom told me that she was in the hospital, and maybe 20 minutes to a half an hour later, she called me and told me she was dead."

At 37-years-old Barton passed away Aug. 25, 2016. Her husband said Sovereign Health never gave him an explanation.

"At first it was hard, I had to do a lot of praying, and not knowing what happened made it even worse," he said.

He said the services his wife got were not what she was promised. Barton isn't the only one who feels the company is committing insurance fraud. 

"They charge us about $1,500 per time we do a urine analysis, multiple times a week, when they're using $0.50 tests to do it," Ryan Klemek, a former patient said.

Barton experienced the same thing, with piles of bills to prove it. 

"They were giving her a urine test everyday, and it was $3,400," Barton exclaimed. "She wasn't even an addict. She was there for mental health," he added.

Klemek came to Sovereign Health to get help with his addiction.

"This is the place that I came in my deepest darkest moments and asked for help, and they did the exact opposite and fought me the whole way."

Barton wants people to know what happened, but most importantly that his wife the light of his life.

"She was a really outgoing person. Every body liked her. When she went into a room, her personality just drove people to her," he said thinking of her.

Barton said finding out Sovereign Health is being investigated was a huge relief. We reached out to the Sovereign Health, but have not received any response.

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