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Public Ordered to Shelter in Place Amid 'Real World Security Incident at Travis Air Force Base

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Officials on Wednesday are responding to a "real world security incident" at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield in Solano County. Emergency personnel responded to reports of a gun shots at the Base Exchange. However, as of 5:09 p.m. no shooter was found and the base is no longer on lockdown.

A Facebook post around 3:30 p.m. advised people to avoid the area so emergency responders can do their jobs. People were also urged to shelter in place and asked to lock doors and windows.

The facility's main gate was closed, Fairfield police wrote on Twitter, and social media users reported an alleged active shooter situation. Officials have yet to confirm that detail.

Scenes from an NBC-affiliate chopper showed people walking around at the base, a sprawling campus located in Solano County. Some people were holding hands as they were being escorted to safety, and police cars dotted the parking lot. The main gate at the base is closed and cars to the campus are being rerouted.

Dozens of parents of military personnel who are based out of Travis posted on the base's Facebook page, looking for information.

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