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Purse Theft At Palm Springs Walmart

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Palm Springs, CA -

Concerned viewers reached out to our newsroom about people having their belongings stolen at the Walmart in Palm Springs.

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said she left her purse in the shopping cart, while trying to get her kids in the car.

"My main concern was getting my kids," she said. "My bag is important, I always, always, always have it with me always, but yesterday I don't know what happened."

She said she drove away not realizing she left her purse behind, but by the time she came back within minutes her purse was gone. She had $7,000 worth of cash in her purse. 

"These past two years have been worse. I had some situations with my children's father where he threatened to hurt us that's why I had that much money on me," she explained.

Palm Springs police said thefts happen often at the Palm Springs Walmart because of how much foot traffic it gets.

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"It's not unusual to have a higher level of theft with a business of that nature," said Palm Springs Police Sgt. William Hutchinson.

Police said all you can do is keep your eyes on your belongings.

"Unfortunately there are not so honest people in this world, and you need to guard your personal property very closely," he added.

The single mother said she was hoping to use the money to get a place for her kids.

"I'm struggling. They took my life savings. I just want something back, my belongings at least," she said.

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