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Photo Showing Deceased Military Veteran Displayed Without Coffin Causing Stir

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Fort Oglethorpe, GA 

WGCL Staff -- A picture of a deceased military veteran being displayed on a stretcher rather than a coffin at a funeral home in north Georgia is making the rounds on social media.

Facebook user Ella Moss took a picture of George Taylor, who was being displayed for family at Heritage Funeral Home and Crematory in Fort Oglethorpe, showing him resting on a stretcher with an American flag draped over him.

Taylor died May 8 at his home in Ringgold.

Several media outlets are reporting that the facility placed him on the stretcher because the family was unable to come up with the money for a casket before the showing. But the funeral home has disputed those claims, saying it was the family's wishes to have him displayed in that way and money was not at issue.

WRCB in Chattanooga reports the funeral home made arrangements to properly display Taylor before his internment on Friday.

Taylor served in the Vietnam War.


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