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Holocaust Remembrance Day From The Eyes of A Survivor

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Rancho Mirage, CA -

Millions of people around the world took time to reflect on this Holocaust Remembrance Day. Also known as "Yom HA Shoah", the day honors the estimated 6 million Jewish people who were killed by Nazi Germany. 

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It's a national holiday in Israel. With a two minute moment of silence where traffic comes to a complete standstill. Here in the desert, survivors hope we remember that tragic past and learn to be more tolerant of others.

"Nobody ever asked our names from that point on. We weren't people, we were a number, a number to be destroyed. My mother died just a few months before at a very young age and I remember my sister and I saying while we were being put into those wagons that maybe it was better. That my mother had died. That she wouldn't be able to take that kind of treatment."

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The Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage offers programs year round on the holocaust and other instances of bigotry and hate.

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