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Locals Gather Prior to Equal Pay Day

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Rancho Mirage, CA -

Tuesday marks Equal Pay Day, it serves as a reminder that women make less money each year than men do.
Sunday, Action for Societal Change  put on a Woman in Action program ahead of the day.
"Equal pay for equal work, it really is a no brainer," said Carlynne McDonnell the founder of Action for Societal Change.
Equal Pay Day is recognized on April 4th this year. The date symbolizes how far into the year a woman must work to earn what a man earned the previous year.
According to National Partnership, women make seventy nine cents to every male dollar amounting to 10, 470 dollars each annually.
Women in Action took place on Sunday in Rancho Mirage, the event organizer says women face more discrimination than just pay. 
"A lot of the issues facing women are much greater than equal pay. Women are hurting in this country, hurting in ways like domestic violence, trafficking, sexual assault, rape on campus is ridiculously high," said McDonnell.
That's why women from several local organizations shared information with those who attended the event.
"I particularly work in the eastern Coachella Valley and when we're talking about access, whether its access to healthcare, access to education or even access to a job, there's a challenge of transportation. Just basically how am I going get there and how can i navigate in my community feeling safe as a woman?" explained Silvia Paz of Building Healthy Communities Coachella Valley.
"So today, I'm really here to set the stage and share a little bit of our statistics about Coachella women and girls and how many are living in poverty. Its about 50 percent, living under 200 percent of the poverty line are really are disadvantaged," said Dr. Jenna Lecomete-Hinely, CEO of HARC (Health Assessment and Research for Communities).
The Deputy State Director of Senator Kamala Harris' office also spoke at the event.
"The senator promises to fight everyday, even when its hard, even when its outnumbered, even when its easier to give up. But she can't do it without you, so stand together for what you know is right. She's been telling women across the state that leaders you elect have to listen," said Heather Hutt.
"From my understanding, women here are going to have a harder time with the changes, so we can all just try to make something change," said Anna Bougas, an Indio resident.

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