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26th Annual Cesar Chavez Day and March Celebration

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Coachella, CA -

Coachella Valley Unified School District's Cesar Chavez Elementary School present the 26th Annual Cesar Chavez Day March and Celebration, which took place at Cesar Chavez Elementary School today, March 31, at 8am and featuring the United Farm Workers, Training Occupational Development Educating Communities (TODEC), student performers, student activists, and local leaders.

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Cesar Chavez Elementary School is proud to bring the 26th Annual Cesar Chavez Day March and Celebration to Coachella's Cesar Chavez Elementary School with the theme, "Todos Unidos"(everyone together). The 1,000 child march for Cesar Chavez started at Cesar Chavez Elementary and proceeded for a half mile; wrapping around Parque de Oro.

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Upon return to the school, student mariachi, choirs, and folklorico performed to songs that exemplified the legacy of Cesar Chavez. Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez and local leaders presented along with members of the UFW and LuzClaricza Chavez Betancourt, student activist.

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