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Rebuilding Trust Reaction: Palm Springs Ready to Move On

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Palm Springs, CA -

The owner of Salon 119 and Spa in Downtown Palm Springs, Michele Gerber says the KMIR News special: Rebuilding Trust, where city leaders and the president of Wessman  Development openly talked about the challenges  and progress being made  on the Downtown Redevelopment Project was a welcome change and wants to see more of that, "This is the first time I've seen or heard that they're actually moving on ... let's work together and have some positive things and keep the community informed."

Long time resident Jim Hollenbeck says he too liked to hearing about the progress but is cautiously optimistic, "Reassurance that Wessman's moving forward is important for me to hear, the proof will be in the pudding, let's see what really happens." 

And while some planning commissioners have voiced concerns over the lack of details on the 13 acre multi-million dollar project Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Foat says she firmly believes in Michael Braun who has taken over the company after bribery charges were filed against his father-in-law, "His main objective is finishing that project and doing it well and so I'm very confident in him ."

Foat says there's no denying the raid and charges against former mayor Steve Pougnet and two developers hurt but they don't erase the good and won't halt progress, "I'm very proud of the work that we've done, the new animal shelter, the convention expansion ... and so having this stain is very, very painful, but it's not going to stop anything, you know we need to move on as a city."

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