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Palm Springs PD Announces First Ever Student Police Academy

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Palm Springs, CA -

The Palm Springs Police Department is excited to announce our first ever Student Police Academy that begins March 16th, 2017. This first student academy has been designed for the Boys and Girls Club Keystone Student Leadership group of Palm Springs.

The PSPD Student Police Academy is a 6 session course that will last over 6 weeks and will cover several areas of the law enforcement profession and personal growth.

The first Student Police Academy agenda is as follows:

SESSION ONE: Introduction to Law Enforcement

Basic overview of law enforcement and discussion on topics relevant to teen interaction with law enforcement including compliance, etiquette when contacted by an officer and legal rights. Discussion will also include law enforcement issues that are trending in the media, profiling and pertinent Penal Codes and Departmental policy.

SESSION TWO: Situational Awareness

Focus will be on the need to remain aware, diligent and safe when driving or traveling from place to place and using social media. The students will learn more about the ramifications and potential long-term consequences of unsafe driving or inappropriate social media use. Discussion will also expand on life skills related to driving including: vehicle maintenance, what to do if you have a flat tire or are involved in a traffic collision, what to do during extreme weather and what to do when being contacted by law enforcement or when you see an emergency vehicle.

SESSION THREE: Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Ramifications of drug and alcohol abuse from both the physical and legal standpoints.

SESSION FOUR: Theft and Disturbances

Overview of laws related to and legal consequences of theft and fighting. How to prevent confrontation and becoming the victim of an assault or theft.

SESSION FIVE: Force Options Simulator

The PSPD Rangemaster will give students the opportunity to utilize the department’s force options simulator. Promote awareness of the split-second decisions that law enforcement officers are forced to make in a variety of different situations. A discussion will be facilitated after volunteers have the opportunity to participate and use the force options simulator.

SESSION SIX: Preparing For a Law Enforcement Career/Palm Springs Police Explorers (Graduation Day)

The variety of jobs available in law enforcement and the positive steps that the academy students can take now to improve their chances of becoming part of a law enforcement family or being successful in a related career. A sample background questionnaire will be provided and students will watch a police academy video. This session would also provide our Police Explorers the opportunity to promote their program and answer questions from the academy students with the ultimate goal of recruiting Explorer candidates.

For more information on future Student Police Academies, please contact Lt. Melissa Desmarais via email at

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