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Man Caught Wearing Victim's Gucci Slippers Sentenced to Rehab, Probation for Palm Springs Home Burglaries

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Palm Springs, CA -

A man who burglarized two Palm Springs homes, and was later caught wearing a pair of Gucci slippers taken during one of the break-ins, will spend a year in a drug treatment program, a judge ruled Thursday.

Joshua Ramey, 29, of the San Bernardino County community of Landers, was also sentenced to five years probation Thursday for burglarizing one Calle Marcus house twice within the span of a few days in December 2016 and then burglarizing a second home on Cactus Road two months later.

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He faced potentially more than 14 years in state prison, but that sentence was suspended Thursday, and he will instead spend one year in an inpatient treatment program. He was also sentenced to one year in county jail, but had already accumulated credit time served exceeding that sentence.

Police say Ramey burglarized a home in the 1600 block of Calle Marcus on Dec. 19, taking several items from inside the residence, along with a 2003 Chevrolet Malibu, after entering the home through a backdoor. He returned three days later in the homeowner's stolen car and took more items, though a neighbor was able to snap a photo of him on the second occasion, according to police.

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On Feb. 27, Ramey burglarized a home in the 1100 block of Cactus Road, and was captured on video surveillance footage taking items, including the Gucci slippers that he was wearing on March 10 when he was arrested at a Palm Springs business.

Ramey pleaded guilty last week to three counts of burglary, plus one count each vehicle theft and receiving stolen property.

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