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Indio Family Struggles to Fund Hearing Aids for Baby

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Indio, CA -

An Indio family struggling to give their son an ability most of take for granted daily. Baby Boston can't hear most of the world's sounds.
"His ability to interact with other people, to learn how to speak and hear: that's just a huge part of our interaction with the rest of the world," said Michael Roco, Boston's father. 
Six-month-old Boston needs specific and new hearing aids to be able to hear normally but the Roco family is in a financial bind.
"Our insurance will only cover up to three thousand dollars," said Kayla Roco, Bothon's mother. "We're not low income, we don't qualify for Medi-Cal and because the hearing aids he needs are the most new ones on the market, they're pretty expensive. "We're attempting to raise about five thousand dollars towards them."
The family has tried to come up with enough money but is still looking for a solution to fund the hearing aids. 
Hearing is a struggle that mom Kayla knows all too well.
"I know how it feels because I also have hearing loss," said Kayla Roco. "He already has delays and this is another thing put against him."
"I try to read to him on a regular basis but how much is he actually getting out of that," questioned Michael Roco. "I don't want him to fall behind just because he can't have a set of hearing aids, to be perfectly capable but have one thing hold him back."  
"So hopefully we can overcome it and get him to be able to hear for their first time,"said Kayla Roco.

More information about Boston's hearing aids can be found HERE

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