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Mountain Lion Sighting Closes Indian Canyons

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Palm Springs, CA -

Feb. 20 - Tribal Rangers evacuated visitors from the Indian Canyons as a precaution to a mountain lion sighting at 38520 S Palm Canyon Dr. The Indian Canyons are currently closed until further notice. 

The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians owns and operates the Indian Canyons, the Tribe's ancestral home, which is made up of Palm, Murray, and Andreas Canyons.

The Tribe has been in contact with State Fish and Wildlife regarding the sighting.

Feb. 21 - The Indian Canyons are open its regular time and will operate on its normal schedule until 5pm. The mountain lion has moved back into higher ground away from public access areas.

As always in the Indian Canyons and else in wilderness, visitors should be alert and aware of wildlife that may be living in the area.

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