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La Quinta Police Department Aids Community in Crime Prevention

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La Quinta, CA -

La Quinta Police Department kicked off their first ever Crime Prevention Expo.
"We as police officers will tend to go out into the communities and offer advice to citizens, in this instance, we're offering advice in concert with products that we tout as good items to have in the home, said Lit. David Walton,
Assistant Chief of the La Quinta Police Department.
On display at the event: locking mechanisms, garage door monitors, safes and firearm locks.
"We offer many classes to the beginner all the way up to the experienced shooter," said Kent Miller from Second Amendment Sports. "That's including, how to operate your firearm safely, how to handle it, how to store it."
While crime prevention can sometimes be an adult topic, the expo focused on safety for even the youngest family members.
U.s. Taekwondo Team demonstrated personal safety skills.
"For the kids it provides discipline, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, its a lot of fun for them," said Brett Daniels, a first dan black belt. 
"Police officers in the community can only do so much and be so many places; so we rely on our citizens to help us by reducing crime in their communities" said Lit. Walton.

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