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Palm Springs Mayor Speaks Out About Corruption Charges

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When Robert Moon heard the FBI was raiding city hall back in September 2015 he wasn't even mayor yet.

He says he couldn't believe what he was hearing, "When the allegations started coming out three months after I started my campaign it was a complete shock."

The uncertainty over the 17 months that followed were frustrating, but Moon says the district attorney's announcement that charges would be filed against his predecessor, Steve Pougnet and developers Richard Meaney and John Wessman was still a blow, "It shocked me, having had a military background and being very much of a straight arrow it was just inconceivable  ... and for that amount of money in particularly it's not worth taking risk and compromising one's reputation."  

But the says the announcement also brought clarity and hope, "I feel that my sense that all the council members are relieved that we've come to this point ... it's good to have this behind us and know where we are now we can move forward."

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