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Indio Date Fest is Back Rain or Shine

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Indio, CA -

People are already waiting in line for tickets to the biggest show in town, the Riverside County Fair and Indio Date Festival.

Fair regular Larry Rees has some good advice for first timers, "You gotta try every food and you got to make sure you hit the concerts and the monster trucks and just enjoy the rides."

It's a time when adults can be kids again.

"I've got four kids and so riding the rides is most exciting for us," says Rees. 

And of course most people come for the food.

"All the friend stuff with you know the Snickers, that's deep fried and ... the dates you know of course you've got to get some of the dates from the Date Festival," says Rees. 

"The cinnamon rolls are the best so I usually come for the cinnamon rolls and to see the pageant because my uncle will be in it," says Karina Rodriguez.

The first Date Festival was all about dates says Kimberly Wright, the fair's marketing manager, "It started off as The  Date Festival in the City of Indio Park as a small community event that celebrated the harvest."

But when it was 16 years young they partnered with the county and drew 5,000 people. Now they average about 300,000.

Wright says even after 71 years you can expect to find your old favorites and something new, "We have Robosaurus brand new coming to the fair closing weekend it's a big 40 foot fire breathing dinosaur that transforms from a truck so that's going to be really cool and exciting ... and we have Just in Time Circus the family fun circus the big top and everything ... all kinds of cool desserts they have a brand new Oreo churro, I'm dying to try ... and of course you'll find the oldies but goodies."

The 71 Annual Riverside County Fair and Indio Date Festival February 17-26, 2017 they're open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday rain or shine!

Click here for general information: Riverside County Fair and Indio Date Festival .

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