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After Bike Theft Sting, Bicyclists Urged To Register Bikes With Palm Springs Police

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After a recent bicycle theft sting operation the Palm Springs Police Department is telling bike owners to register their bicycle.

On February 8, 2017 officers with the Palm Springs Police Department conducted a special operation targeting bicycle thieves. A bicycle belonging to the Palm Springs Police Department, one not marked as a police bicycle, was placed in front of businesses in the 1700 block of E Vista Chino. The purpose of the operation was to help reduce the number of bicycle thefts in the city of Palm Springs that occur annually.

Victor Yeppelo worked with the city of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Police Department to help with putting in new bike lanes on the streets.   

"At some point, I don't know exactly what triggered it, but they began on their own to do these sting operations because we had expressed concerns over the number of bike thefts that were happening around the city," said Yeppelo.

Palm Springs police routinely operate bike theft stings to confront the ongoing issue. Most recently they arrested one suspect for stealing a bike and found him to be carrying drugs. 

"Usually, most of the time when these bikes are stolen, if it's a high end bike like this it's going to disappear. It's probably going to be gone," said Yeppelo.

The Palm Springs Police Department has more than 50 stolen bicycles in their possession but without proper registration documentation they have no way to verify who the bikes belong to. That's why they are asking all bicyclists to register their bikes at the police station.

Bicycles can be registered at the Palm Springs Police Department Headquarters Monday through Thursday during their normal office hours. You can also use the Palm Springs Police Department app to log property and serial numbers. In the coming weeks, the Palm Springs police will update the app to include a section specifically for bicycles. 

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