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New Green Growth Brought by Rains Poses Fire Threat

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Thousand Palms, CA -

Thanks to the rains our surroundings are greener but what we see as lush, green hills firefighters see a little differently. 

"We see more fuel, more fuel possibly that we've had in the past because of the rain ... meaning there's more of a potential for explosive fires," says Cal Fire Riverside County Fire Department Captain Fernando Herrera. 

In recent years, wildfires in California have grown bigger. According to Cal Fire statistics in 2015 there were 55 fires in the state that were 300 acres.

Herrera says it may be January but they're preparing for some tough fights ahead, "The wheels are in motion we start hiring our seasonal firefighters during this period of time and so we start training those folks that are going to be at our state stations we start ramping up and putting more state fire engines at our state stations."

And he says locally, every captain is already looking for areas that may cause problems, "We continue to patrol our areas that have always been a problem for us and we look at what fires we could have potentially." 

They also have new weapons to fight future battles, "We have new technology that's used by the army and other armed forces that are now available for the fire service ... satellite imagery etc. ... and sometimes we can see real live time fire activity ... which is immensely important for an incident commander to see ... ahead of the fire."

Because in our state, fire departments always have to be ready. 

"In California fire season is year round so we never let our guard down," says Herrera. 

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